Lets talk about Alexa BABY!

Lets talk about you and me….
Lets talk about all the good thing and the bad things that could be…

The mother of website ranking, Alexa.com, is a kind of double edged sword.

On one hand, promoters will often view a websites Alexa stats as a basis of traffic, and the probability that their product will get proper exposure. There are some great tools on Alexa, such as Search Analytics, that will offer both the website owner, and promoters, the opportunity to see which keywords are leading to the site, how strong the competition is for these keywords, and who is advertising under these keywords.

Understanding how these keywords will affect your traffic, and advertising possibilities is the key. For example, above you will see that my highest impact keyword is diaper cakes. Although this is good, because I MAKE diaper cakes, you will also see that the query is relatively popular, and that the QCI is high. This means that there is a lot of advertiser competition for that keyword.

If you click on the keyword, you will land on a page that tells you the top advertisers under that keyword, and as you can see, my competition would be overwhelming.

The trick would be to play UP keywords that have a lower QCI, thus less competition!

The double edged sword? Alexa ONLY tracks visits from those who have the Alexa toolbar installed. If your site is geared towards a niche whose audience may not have such a toolbar, i.e. the average surfer, your traffic and ranking will most definitely be skewed.

Most likely, bloggers, SEO and marketing specialists are the ones who have the toolbar. In addition to your normal viewer, to increase your Alexa ranking, you would need to draw the attention of THESE viewers. How? It is advisable to include articles now and then, that an marketing person may be interested in.

Adding a “Tips and Tricks” section for bloggers will also likely bring in some more of you Alexa targeted traffic. If you are struggling with an issue on Blogger or WordPress, and you find the solution…Publish an article about THAT under your tips and tricks section. Not only will you be saving your blogging buddies time searching for an answer themselves, but you will be helping out your own Alexa score in the process.