Lets talk about Alexa BABY!

Lets talk about you and me…. Lets talk about all the good thing and the bad things that could be… The mother of website ranking, Alexa.com, is a kind of double edged sword. On one hand, promoters will often view a websites Alexa stats as a basis of traffic, and the probability that their product […]

Going against the grain

Idiom Definitions for ‘Go against the grain’   A person who does things in an unconventional manner, especially if their methods are not generally approved of, is said to go against the grain. Such an individual can be called a maverick.   Well I am certainly no John McCain, but I am trending away from […]

Pregnancy Cravings KICKED: Recipe finds

Health specialists aren’t exactly sure why pregnant women experience cravings in early pregnancy, but I’ve always imagined that whatever I wanted, the baby needs. That being said, if you are consuming an entire chocolate cake, this may not be the case! For each pregnancy, I’ve experienced different cravings. Milk Onions Black Pepper THIS is why […]

Christmas Giveaway and Donation EVENT

Event schedule: Monday November 28 – Dash for cash event kickoff- visit Cute-Ecakes Facebook Page to start at 9PM EST! 11/29-12/12 – $250 HANDMADE Giveaway- HUGE Gift-basket! 12/1-12/15 – Toys for Tots donation drive (Each blog will post a donation button on their side bar, and create a blog post about the event) 12/2-12/23 – […]

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Super MEGA Blog Ad Campaign MONTHLY Giveaway

What is The MEGA Blog Ad Campaign Giveaway? The MEGA Ad Campaign Giveaway is a FREE event in which, in lieu of CASH or PRIZES, we are offering publicity! Each participating blog agrees to the following: 1 Promotional POST for the winner, Weekly Facebook shouts and Tweets for one month for the winner, and sidebar […]

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I love to find new products, and share them with my readers and other bloggers! I spend my spare time cooking and experimenting with new recipes or ingredients. I love to involve the kiddos, and make a good time mess! The analytical factor is my favorite part of blogging, and I enjoy sharing the tips and tricks I have learned with other bloggers!