Blogger Sign Ups for a $500 Giveaway~FREEEE

Please not the is NOT the actual giveaway! This is the BLOGGER sign-ups to host the giveaway which will take place in July!

Sign Ups close 7/11

$500 Family Pack for Glasses, Prescription and Sun


Create a sign up post about this event and link to this page.
Submit $1 for your first entry  if you cannot post.
Optional entries are available at $1 each and you can choose ANYTHING! Email Subs, RSS subs, Picket Fence Votes, Top Mommy Blog Votes, Twitter, Pinterest, Reclipit, you name it!!! (literally…name it in the form ;))
Include sponsor paragraph in your giveaway post (provided)
You will receive the post code and RC code on Wednesday, 7/18 and your post must go live by noon on Monday 7/23