Nature’s Sleep Vitex2 Memory Foam Pillow #Review

I am not gonna lie, I wasn’t thrilled about trying out this pillow. I intended for my husband to review it.

He has backaches and whines and complains, so being the nice wifey that I am, naturally I presented my Nature’s Sleep Vitex2 Memory Foam Pillow to him.

That was my intent…
When I received the pillow, I was shocked at how heavy it was. Since I am a stubborn, set in my ways kind of girl, I said, “I could never sleep on that…“. Well hubby works nights, so the bed is mine at night. Shortly after receiving the pillow, I got a crink in my neck/shoulder area. I often do, being on the computer 18 hours a day…So I figured what the heck- I will try it!

Sometimes my stubbornness gets in the way of good things, and I am not kidding- a crink that would have otherwise lingered for 2-3 days as they always do, was just gone. NO KIDDING!

I could tell you all the special information about the company; Nature’s Sleep is an eco-friendly company, taking extra efforts to continually make their carbon footprint smaller, and doing their best to protect and conserve global resources. That says something about what kind of company they are. It costs money to take such measures, and a company that is willing to spend money for the right reasons also gives a heads up to the quality of their product.

The fact is though, that they really DO work.
The usability of the website is great, and you can easily match one of their pillows to your needs. You can also purchase the best memory foam mattress online as well as pillows at Nature’s Sleep. My husband now swears by his pillow, (and actually aggravates me sometimes when he mentions it again…and we look so forward to getting the mattress to match. That crink in my neck may have been just that. A small aggravation, but knowing that there will be no more self-shoulder rubbing days?