Blogger Sign-Ups for the Grand Event~March

How would you like to host a HUGE event on your blog, and gain a TON of new fans and followers?

Cute-Ecakes and Moms with Voices Media are proud to present the Grand Event! (Yes- $1000.00)

With a goal of 100 bloggers, we are going to make this thing huge!!
Just three days into February’s event, bloggers are averaging 500 new followers!


The Grand Event Cash Giveaway will run from Saturday, March 17th (12:00AM) to Saturday, March 31st (11:59PM).

This event will have TONS of participating blogs, therefor TONS of followers for you, AND the chance to host a H-U-G-E giveaway on your blog!

Our goal is to give away $1000 in PayPal Cash!

The participation fee for this event is $11.00 This fee will be used towards the grand prize, and blogger prize!

Your entry- This month will be for Facebook entries!
Extra Entries- You may choose extra entries at $2 per link.
I will provide a complete post code, including Rafflecopter and Buttons. A few days prior to the start of the event, I will send out a complete code. Just copy/paste and schedule it to go live at 12:01 on 3/17!