Do you know the impact of your own tweets?

When putting together Cute-Ecakes Facebook page, and Twitter pages, like most others I added an automation factor. Whenever I post, it will tweet.

Today we talk Twitter.

I joined Twitter because I thought I basically had to. I needed a little birdie icon like everyone else had. Period. I never thought of it as a means to increase traffic.

If you share this feeling, try out a few tests.

(Or just read my results, save yourself the trouble, and start tweeting!)

  • Vote on Picket Fence. (Don’t have a link? Seriously feel free to click mine!!!)
  • Search your blog (We are #6!) and check out the # of votes
  • In a new tab, tweet a message, “Can you vote for me?
  • Now refresh the Picket Fence Page
    You will nearly always see votes!
    • Try this- Open your stats in one tab
    • In another tab find an old post with a fun title
    • Tweet that post
    • Now refresh your stats
      You will nearly always get a couple of clicks!

      What can you do with this information?
      Well this is what I am doing for the new year!

      • Make better use of a tweet scheduling service- I can’t sit here and tweet all day, but I would sure like to have a few hits of traffic scheduled in for the day!
      • It is more beneficial to ask for a tweet favor than a vote favor!
      • I will start a tweet-tree dish in my blog groups (Are you a blogger and NOT in a group? Join forces with us! ooooo- I like my fun name
      • I will run experiments on other social media venues
      • I will expand my work on the Aggy Twerps- (This is a team auto tweet site- an entire team of 10 automatically tweets whenever you post, you tweet their posts as well)
      • Moms with Voices Media will host a monthly Twitter Party!