#BLOGSTARS Twitter Party- Tues 10 PM EST

I am VERY excited to invite you all to our FIRST weekly Blogstar’s Twitter party! This party will be sponsored by several awesome blogs, to offer YOU some great cash and prizes! Hints will be posted on our Facebook pages ALL week long, so get a head start and LIKE these pages now!


Twitter parties can be an overwhelming experience, there are a lot of people posting at the same time, and it can be easy to get lost in the mix!

Step one: Go to tweetchat.com- from here you can enter the hashtag (#blogstars) and you will only see the tweets from our chat. Then you can reply, without having to enter the hashtag every time!

Step two: Look out for questions from Cute_ecakes (little ole me) to win prizes! Questions can be anything from “What does Cute-Ecakes sell?” to “Find a hidden message in my giveaway linky” It could be anything from our sponsors too!

Step three: Answer the question first to win! You will be sent a DM to claim your prize!

HINTS- It’s easier to answer first if you are prepared! Check the facebook pages above so you are not blog hopping during the chat!

There is bound to be non question related chatter, and this is what is the hardest for most to sift through! For me to keep up, I find it best not to scroll through the page looking for something. Just keep on top!