Stuffed Bread – Open Faced Mediterranean

Artichoke Stuffed Bread

Dear Panera Bread, I do not need you anymore. I have found a way to satisfy the craving for crisp, warm, moist and interesting sandwiches on my own. MY sandwich only cost $0.78. When you can beat that, I will be back. Thank you for all of these wonderful years!

Bread Kit

You COULD be a stinker and insist on using your own bread recipe, and on a different day I’d switch sides of the argument, but today I am going for quick, complex flavors. I used a bread mix purchased at Aldi’s for just $1.99, which is an add water and oil mix that bakes fresh in its own pan in 30 minutes! My twist? Before baking, cut a groove down the center of the dough and add 1/4 cup each- chopped canned artichoke hearts, and chopped roasted red peppers.


Aoili- Fancy name for flavored mayonnaise

Aoili for Stuffed BreadIn the case of quick and easy, you can jazz up your mayo and call it Aoili by simply adding 1/2 tsp each- onion powder, garlic salt, and dried basil, to 1/4 cup mayo- salt and pepper to taste and you will be surprised at the totally new flavor you’ve created!



Stuffed Bread- Open Face Sandwich

We chose to eat this open face, with the bread still slightly warm, topped with thick sliced tomato, and red onion slivers. This stuffed bread requires no dip at all, and could be an awesome standalone appetizer, or perfect side dish to a vegetarian spaghetti night!

Other add-in ideas

  • Soak 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes in marsala wine. Drain and add to 1/8 cup each mozzarella and parmigiana cheese. Add to your bread dough and serve with balsamic red onions.
  • Blend 1/4 cup garbanzo beans, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1/4 cup greek olives, 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice. Add to bread dough and serve with roasted garlic parmigiana aoili.
  • Mix 1/4 cup cooked and cubed chicken breast with 1/2 tsp rubbed sage, 2 slices julienne proscuitto, and a 1/8 cup mozzarella cubes.

Does this inspire you? What kind of add ins or alterations would you make?