Is a Low Carb Diet For You?

Many diets exist on the market, all claiming to be the the magic solution to weight loss. It’s a never ending tornado of fad diets hitting the market, then being replaced by the next great magical diet promising the same end results: a thinner appearance and a happier self. But what happens when the weight is lost and the diet fulfilled its promises?

low carb diet

While I personally have quite an opposite problem, in that my diet purposes are to GAIN weight, I suffer from the same dilemma. Within just a few weeks, I lose will power and go back to my old ways, eating whatever I like, which has been proven to keep me horribly skinny. Many dieters abandon the diet and return to eating as they did before, possibly minus the junk foods. But even then, the weight returns, leaving the dieter more frustrated over their weight struggles.


Dukan Diet Well, the Dukan diet isn’t much different than the others, in regards to the promises it makes: weight loss and a happier, healthy lifestyle. But there are aspects of this diet that make it different. It’s a life changing plan to a healthier you. Elements that Make the Difference Dr. Dukan serves as a private coach, guiding dieters through low carb diet weight loss and into a new lifestyle. It’s a four phase program, personalized for each dieter. Dr Dukan guides each individual through the phases until the weight is gone. Daily emails, eating and exercise guidance, and the opportunity to reflect each night and respond to Dr. Dukan all serve as communication that makes this program work! And, it doesn’t stop here. This diet includes live chat sessions, an Internet community, recipes and more. It’ time to scrap the fad diets. Dr. Dukan has the solution to controlling weight for a lifetime.