Blogger Tip- FREE Online Logo Maker

If you have stumbled through designing your own website or blog, you know right away that custom graphics will take up a lot of your time! I found a great resource that allows you to quickly create a professional logo for your blog or business!

I whipped this up with the free logo maker in just minutes, and with your choice of fonts, clip art, shapes and symbols, you will be able to make something you love too! Just look at all of the fun options!

Well there are literally hundreds of customization options on the online logo maker site, so I can’t show you all of them here and now, but I do urge you, if you need to save time and money, try this out first You might be happily surprised that you can achieve a professional design for absolutely free!

No free trials, no nonsense. Really just free!

What would you do with your brand with the freedom of your own design and colors? (Yes all of the images above can be even further customized with your own colors too!) What do you think branding means to your business in terms of recognition? And if you are in doubt of the value, how much do you think it costs to professionally have a logo designed? $300-$1000! Save a bundle and try this free option today!