New Years Resolution Idea- MY UN-resolution 2013- A Refusal

Reevaluating, reorganizing, reprioritizing… I guess these are all the same concept as a New Years Resolution idea, but in my case the result is different. I have spent an amazing amount of my time, planning my time. Long term, short term, hourly, budgeting, blogging, even down to time slots for toddler play.


My New Years Resolution Idea


This year my goal is NOT to goal. To live in the today, the now, and to rediscover the small joys of life that I have been missing out on by living in a calendar. To find a spontaneity that I have never been able to discover, and to learn to enjoy life. Does this mean I will fly of the handle and be completely irresponsible? Well of course no, and finding that balance between reasonable and kinda nuts will be the challenge.


I plan to continue with a new blog post schedule because that will free up more time. I will start a new job soon, so time at home will be full and short. I look forward to the mindlessness that comes with leaving “work” at work, will be relieving. I would like to make sure to take some “me” time each day, and re-embrace the idea that allowing myself to feel beautiful will bring confidence and a domino effect of good =)


What is your New Years Resolution idea this year? Is it traditional? Would you like to be healthier, finish your degree, or quit smoking? What is your plan to get this done? One of my favorite quotes… Ironic considering my plans, so I would like you to ask yourself this one question.


What are your priorities in LIFE as a whole?


New Years Resolution Idea