Hop Aboard the Nail Art Trend! Easy New Years Nails

Peruse your way through Pinterest, as I am sure most of us do every day ANYWAY, and you are sure to see a new trend popping up everywhere! Nail art is something that anyone can accomplish with a few easy tips, and makes SUCH a statement. Here are a few of my absolute faves, and a how to for MY New Years Look as well!

Nail Art Trend- Ombre
Nail Art Trend- Matte with Gloss
Nail Art Trend- Glitter


Nail Art Trend- Simple How-To

When I first started looking at these beautiful images, I thought there was no way I could pull it off myself. In fact, I rarely even PAINT my nails at all because between the kids, diapers, and dishes, they lst less than 24 hours… Then I learned a few tricks!


First and MOST important tip- Glitter polish does NOT come off easily. For me this turns out to be a good thing! By using the glitter at the TIP of the nail, I prevent the chipping that used to deter me from painting in the first place, and end up with a very festive look!

nail art trend- glitter tips

This look is so simple to pull of, and even though I am not the BEST painter, and much like coloring, staying in the lines has always been my weak point, within 10 minutes I accomplished nails I would be proud to show off!

  1. Apply two coats of charcoal sparkle polish.
  2. Apply a thick and “rough” french mani line at the tip of each nail.
  3. Wiping most of the polish off the brush, ‘pull’ the glitter down the nail- uneven is GOOD in this case!

Voila! Fancy dancy New Years nails that the armature will be proud to show off, and best of all? Change up the color combination to match whatever you have! You GO, you put together girl!

Love it? PIN and SHARE, and check out my SECOND attempt HERE!