Top 5 Winter Fashion Must Haves 2013

I love this time of year for shopping! In New York, January means an absolute 5 months of winter clothes are left, but it ALSO means great sales and prices! Check out my top 5 winter fashion must haves for 2013!

Top 5 Winter Fashion Must Haves 2013

1. Thigh High Boots

Winter Fashion Must Haves - Thigh High Boots

Whether you are a still a young club-goer or a sensible yet sexy “Hot Mom”, these are for you! Pictured above, available at Love Culture, these boots not only highlight the rest of our featured trends, but can become the center of the look all alone!

2. Leather Leggings

5 Winter Fashion Must Haves - Leather Leggings

Feisty up your do with these Faux Leather Leggings in the Kardashian collection at Sears! Whether it is a long comfy sweater you are going for, or a WAY too short skirt, these leggings will add some spice to your outfit in a dramatic way, and for a super low price!

3. Boot Socks

5 Winter Fashion Must Haves- Boot Socks

Practical and somehow flirty, the new feminine twist on boot socks this year has me all in a ruffle! With such a simple and inexpensive addition to your wardrobe, you will surely be thrilled with the comments you get! These and many other colors are available from the Catherine Cole Studio on Etsy!

4. HIGH waist SHORT lace shorts

5 winter fashion must haves - Lace Shorts

Before you say- “I can’t do short shorts”, think on this- bring this look from winter with leggings and tall boots to spring with a strappy heel for an all year look! You will not believe the sexy you feel from a little lace, and as I have said in the past, feeling sexy is a confidence booster! Get these for under $40 from!

508150_Vogue Primary Banner - 300x250

5. Oversized, off the shoulder sweater!

5 winter fashion must haves - oversized sweater

Pair this one with simple jeans, or ANY of the looks we’ve shown above for the ultimate in comfy/sexy this season. Available EVERYWHERE, you will have no trouble finding just the right color or look that is just right for the 80′s girl in you!


What are your favorite looks this season?