Talking to Kids about Your Childhood Drug Use- #Momversation

I would like to join in the conversation here, and talk about how much is too much to tell when talking to kids about drugs. On one side of the conversation is the idea that “Do what I say and not what I do” is a guaranteed fail. On the other side of the conversation is the idea that personal experience and honesty are worth something.

I tend to lean towards the side of honesty. Okay I DIVE full force toward the side of honesty, and sometimes to the point that I may tell my kids too much truths. I think they should know where babies come from. I think my girls should know what WILL happen with their bodies and why. I think they should learn that the differences in people come from their experiences, and know empathy.

Talking to kids about drugs

What do you think? Talking to kids about drugs is a lot different and life changing than talking to them about the birds and the bees. Does the value of honesty in a parent/child relationship win over maintaining a constant example? Is the deception in keeping secrets a violation of that example, or a necessary casualty?