3 Reasons We’ll Miss Hostess Twinkies

Hostess Brands Close Doors After 82 Years

Emerging from the 1930 company, Interstate Bakeries Corporation, Hostess has been the supplier of icons. From the little Wonder Bread girl and classic 50′s commercial imagery, to Twinkies on the Goonies in the 80′s, Hostess has been woven into Americana.

After a year of difficulties maintaining payments on a near $700 million dollar loan, suspending payments on union penchants, and bakery union labor disputes, Hostess announced today that they will be closing their doors. Googlers worldwide will rush to find a suitable at-home recipe to replace this favorite treat, which none of us thought we would be, like the pager, something we used to know.

A Few Things We Will Miss…


Hostess Twinkie Sushi

Twinkie Sushi

Cut a Twinkie in half – wrap with strips of Fruit Roll-Ups, decorate with dried fruit.

Hostess Twinkie Parfait

Twinkie Parfait

Cute Twinkies into bite-sized pieces, and layer in parfait glass with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Bacon Wrapped Hostess Twinkies

The finale? BACON Wrapped Twinkies

Wrap it- Spider it- Fry it- Don’t tell anyone you made them at all so you can eat every last one!


What is your favorite Hostess Twinkie Memory?
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