Take Charge of Your Feelings~Embrace Your Power

Your personal power just might get a boost by considering your very nature as a human being!

Embrace your powerLately I’ve been experiencing….well…an unbelievable string of BAD. I won’t rant (yet) but the outcome of these tragic events has turned toward a change in me. I am philosophical at heart, a questioning soul, and I find myself in a place where I need to FIND… something.

There is only so much a person can do to change their circumstances…. 

As a believer in some controversial powers, my only reply to that statement is “BULL”! I believer that there is untapped power in us, handed down by our very nature as women and nurturers. I believe that there is more to our brains than can possibly be understood, and before I cede to this more and more cruel world; before I admit that my father spoke the truth; before I resign hope as a fairy-tale;  I have to try every alternative.

Embrace what you cannot change

The only way to find peace is to identify what you are fighting against, that you should not be. Some fights are meant to win, and some should never have been fought. It is up to you to decide which is which, but a decision must be made. And for the fights you cannot win? The battles you should have skipped? Embrace. Hold that thing close and use it to your advantage.

Find Happiness where it lies

While we spend time searching for something…trying to fill the image we think we should be, chances are that we miss out on the thing we should be finding our happiness in. Simple places hold happiness, places that the financially disabled woman can look, places where the middle aged mom of several can fit in, and places we rarely take the time to discover. Consider the power of make-up. Consider the power of a pair of shoes.

Test it out

  • Wear red lipstick after breakfast
  • Wear a dress and heels on cleaning day
Now examine the differences in your actions, posture, and outlook on the day. As a woman we are chemically predisposed to desire beauty, and I challenge the popular view that there is anything wrong with that! Likewise, it is not a mans fault to desire the same. It is part of evolution, and genetics.

Your Power

Power will come when we make it. Not on its own, and not without a tug-o-war. It is within ones self to discover where their individual power comes from. I am merely suggesting that by NOT fighting our nature as a female, childbearing animal, that we will find more confidence and success. Only the strong survive? Find your strength and your power wherever you can, and as a boost? Try defining your posture today with your shoes!