Sears Shop Your Way


We’ve been going to Sears ever since I can remember, and since as a girl, shopping is one of my personal FAVES, I jumped at the chance to review the New Shop Your Way program from Sears!

What is it?

Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way! Become a Personal Shopper – It’s FREE.  Sears recently launched an awesome new program, and let me tell you if you like Pinterest- you will LOVE this! Take your hours spent on Pinterest creating beautiful fashion or wish-list boards, and put that time to good use with Shop Your Way Rewards! Here’s how it works:  Invite friends.  Help them shop.  They buy. You earn.   It’s Free! It’s Easy!  Earn money and help your friends! Make their lives easier — and your wallet fatter. Learn more >


They call it a personal shoppers program- where anyone as a consumer, can also be a personal shopper for their friends, or even strangers via a personal link. Why would you want to do this? Well because Sears is giving rewards not only if you make a purchase, but if someone purchases from your catalog, and these rewards can be CASHED in every month!

Who couldn’t use a little income from a shopping habit??


The Experience

Just like Pinterest, your “home feed” will have items that are both added by those you follow, and recommendations. (I’ve found that so far these recommendations are dead on too) Instead of boards, we have catalogs. When you hover over the image of an item, you have the option to comment, like, or add it to your catalog.


What if I don’t want EVERYTHING from Sears???


That’s okay! You have the option to add items from all over the web! You can add any product you like by pasting the url of that product, and the system will automatically add the picture and description!



This is a great way to be able to look at things you want online withOUT switching tab to tab…and to keep it all visually in one place is a lot better than the weird bookmark folders I sometimes have. Best of all, this site is social! Friends can look at and comment on items before you purchase. If used as a registry or wish list- family members can comment when they get an item- NO more birthday duplicates! There are so many creative uses for this program, I am sure you will love it!



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