Like Pinterest? Like Fashion? You are going to LOVE THIS!!!!!!

It is completely common as a blogger, to find new deal sites and coupon sites, and the like very often. It is NOT usual however, that I feel so excited about one! I think, NOT gonna lie, that I have yet to be this interested in any other new development!



Now for me, it is not about the saving and deals or whatever- (although you will find some amazing deals too) but it is about the same kind of addiction that I get from Pinterest. You see this site is different- you build your own “store” and it looks just like a Pinterest board- See one of mine below:



So I think you can see, if you are an artsy fashion buff like me, how this can be so fun!! (Also check out the prices =0) But what makes it even better, is that they have created a reward program that pays CASH- Yep! Every time someone purchases from your “store” you will get a cash credit to your account!


So please check this out! I think you will love it as much as I do!