The plight of the skinny- Remembering Cute-Ecakes first post

Happy Blogoversary to me!

Remembering my FIRST post: Thin

Source: via Elodie on Pinterest


So then Scary Mommy, you have inspired me a little bit this morning, but not in the way you would expect. There is a subject that is seriously overlooked in this country, and as I read your post, and as we approach summer, the more it is on my mind.

We HEAR about overweight. We HEAR about the average women in America being a size 12. We HEAR about women feeling self conscious about their arm flab, tummies, thunder thighs…whatever. It seems even as if there has been a national emotional support movement for those kinds of people.

I’m not that kind of person…at all.

You will want to immediately jump down my throat, to say, “what do you have to complain about?”, but I’d STILL like to open you up to the plight… of the skinny.


  1. HERE’s to moms that can’t fit in time to eat for herself.
  2. HERE’s to moms who live off her toddlers leftovers.
  3. HERE’s to moms whose SKIN didn’t shrink as much as her tummy. The dark little secret kept hidden by the women you think is so sexy…
  4. HERE’s to moms who obsess about their looks.
  5. HERE’s to moms whose pants never reach the ankle.
  6. HERE’s to moms that shop in the juniors department.
  7. HERE’s to moms that can’t fill out a bra.
  8. HERE’s to catching your hip-bone on EVERYTHING.
  9. HERE’s to giving ‘shoulder bone Hugs’.
  10. HERE’s to Caffeine!



Now with a much larger audience, maybe someone has some ideas!


How does one GAIN weight!?!


It seems like the simplest thing to solve, but it is not! I have never LIKED naughty foods. I like fruit and veggie and nuts and pasta. In addition I have a very high metabolism, and a very high stress day…every day. When I try to change my diet to incorporate more fat and calories, I end up sick. The truth is that my body isn’t used to it, and can’t take it =(


To all of my health blogging friends, how do you gain weight without adding more fatty foods? How can I maintain a healthy diet, add to my calories and not feel stuffed like turkey day ALL day long? HELLLP!