Sodastream #Review~ Soda ready when you want it!

We use a LOT of soda around here…with 6 at the table we use 3 liters at dinner time alone. Even when purchasing off brands, this can be so costly! I was so lucky to receive a Sodastream system for review, and I can’t recommend it more![widgets]



This amazing system saves me the trip to the store when we are out of drinks, and whips up a bottle of soda in seconds! We simply add a cap-full of the popular flavor syrups to a freshly fizzed bottle and BOOM! Our favorite soda! We went through the root beer pretty quickly with the sudden availability of fresh floats, but the kids love all of the flavors. I especially like the ability to control the amount of fizz and syrup to my OWN tastes! (Have you ever received an UNDER syruped soda at a restaurant?)


The kids LOVE it- often finishing up their last glass so they can make the fizz again, and again! I love the variety and savings, but there is a better message that I missed with the overshadowing convenience.


Happy Earth Day- No matter who you are, you are bound to have soda in your home.  If my family goes through two 2 liters each day, that is 730 bottles each year. Can you picture the size of that pile?