Can’t find a winner? Find out where they entered the RC from!

I host a lot of group giveaways, and sometimes we have trouble tracking down our winners! Here is a trick to use in Google analytics to see where they entered from![widgets]

It is becoming traditional I think to have a page on the hosting blog with several follow buttons rather than having each individual entry on the Rafflecopter. It is in this case that you can find the blog they entered from.


Here is how its done!


First- enter the winners entry # in the search box so you can see the exact time they entered the contest. I found that the time shown in the “show info” box is always 00:00.


Next open up Google Analytics.



It is simple enough to open up correct day. In your left sidebar, select content overview and click on your “follow button” page.  Now click on Advanced Segments on the left, and then create a custom segment.



Tab down in under Ad Content and select hour. Then in military time, enter the HOUR that your winner entered. Name the segment and click preview.


At the bottom, click Secondary Dimension, and select traffic sources/source. Your resulting list will show ONLY sources landing on your entry page from that hour. I was lucky enough in this case to have only one visit to the entry page during that particular hour, and I have pinpointed my winner to have entered from


Now the referring blog can post on their Facebook page and blog to find the winner if they do not reply to emails!!